Real estate in new capital… Get your property now!

9/19/2023 12:00:00 AM

Own the greatest Real estate in new capital, with the best pricing plans, amenities, and payment and reservation options. Aside from the greatest reservation and payment methods with reservation supplies starting at 10% and payments of up to 8 years, prices for apartments begin at 3.5 million pounds, and prices for villas begin at 12 million pounds. The administrative capital is now the direction of investors as it is the biggest event in Egypt where art in architecture and innovation in building, and you will now reside in one of the greatest cities anticipated to flourish and prosper in the upcoming years. As a result, everyone looking to purchase a home or make an investment wants to take advantage of the chance to secure a space in the new capital. Real estate in new capital One of the most significant and recent national projects in the nation, the new administrative capital was unveiled in March 2015 during the Egyptian Economy Support and Development Conference by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Minister of Housing Mustafa Madbouly. Many investors are curious about this project and are looking for Real estate in new capital. We shall thus evaluate all project-related material. The new capital is unique in that it is situated in a strategic location, east of Cairo, close to many important cities, including my city, the city of the future, and New Cairo, and that it is easily accessible via a number of important roads, including the Cairo Al-Ain Sukhna Road and the Cairo-Suez Road. Due to its distance from central Cairo—about 45 kilometers—the capital's calmness is one of its most significant features. Consequently, a lot of people favor looking for flats for sale in the new capital. In terms of size, it is around four times larger than Washington, D.C., and is comparable to the size of the state of Singapore at 170,000 acres. As it has an administrative center with these headquarters, as well as a diplomatic district and an international airport, the capital is intended to serve as the home base for the presidential palace, ministries, parliament, government agencies, and foreign embassies. Because of this, it is regarded as one of the unique investment locations for people looking to book new capital flats.

Real estate in new capital services. As one of the most significant and largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East, it is the most significant national investment project concerned with real estate development in Egypt at the moment, as it is the keenness and interest of the state to include, Real estate in new capital is now an integrated modern city that includes many enormous housing and commercial projects. This project is one of the most crucial elements and motivations to make the purchase decision and invest in them since it provides all the services that the people of the administrative capital want, including commercial centers and prestigious residential units. The unique services offered there, which set it apart from others and allow its population to enjoy all forms of safety and entertainment, are among the most significant factors that influence your decision to purchase and live in the new capital. These services include: Around-the-clock security and guard services, as well as surveillance cameras, record everything that happens within each property. The majority of complexes are covered in greenery and manmade lakes. Locations where various gatherings and barbecues are held. All flats are near to upscale eateries and cafés. Business sectors with a wide variety of stores offering all goods. There are many garages built to hold the most automobiles while maintaining the aesthetic. Medical facilities provide integrated services and the greatest and most recent equipment. Many swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally, each property is situated on a broad variety of sports grounds, and spaces have been designated for equestrian, walking, and running clubs. This is in addition to best kindergartens for kids, and it also includes a lot of mosques and churches so that people may worship and develop religious traditions.

The greatest neighborhoods in Egypt's new administrative capital to look for flats for sale Here are two of the most important Greatest NeighBorhoods in Egypt's to buy Real estate in new capital: Meditown Since Miditown was one of the first commercial housing projects built there, it is one of the residential developments that are most sought after by people looking for flats in the new administrative capital. The compound is special because of its advantageous location close to numerous notable landmarks and amenities, including the central park, the mosque, the Diamond Hotel, the Church, and the Green River. It is also distinguished by being easily accessible from all residential areas via the Suez Road and the circular road that connects all Cairo neighborhoods. As a result, a lot of people favor looking for apartments for sale in Med Town, the new administrative center. The project contains all amenities and services that will satisfy the demands of various people, such as parks, bodies of water, and a shopping center with a range of retailers from across the world as well as eateries and cafes. The new capital flats in Mediton cost up to 3,000,000 pounds, which is a moderate price. Posco The Posco, one of the newest investment projects in Egypt's real estate market, was founded and built in the nation's administrative capital by "Egypt Italy Group," one of the industry's top players. Due to the fact that Al Posco has the lowest meters in the administrative capital, there is a significant increase in demand from persons for flats for sale there. To enjoy open areas and gorgeous nature away from the bustle of the city, there is Central Park, as well as a sports club, a shopping district, Kaloub House, and social centers. Therefore, it is obvious to us that the costs of apartments in the administrative center of Bosco are fair and that they offer both peace and amusement. By writing a bank check for just 10,000 pounds, anybody may book an apartment in the project. He is therefore highly well-liked by people seeking new executive residences.